My story

Who is Cozza?

G'day, I’m Cozza, a crystal loving, tree hugging Aussie artist on a journey to share a unique botanical art style with the collective.

My paintings, my micro worlds, draw influence from the tree like branching formations commonly seen in certain crystals known as ‘dendrites’. These often overlooked patterns, abundant in nature also, are the reason I create the art that I do. Dendrites hold a myriad of meanings for me, from scientific, symbolic, artistic and philosophical realms. However, my primary goal is to instil gratitude and promote self awareness, encouraging everyone to prioritise their well being. I firmly believe that all forms of art serve as a natural prescription for healing the soul.

What is 'C-Theory'?

With a background spanning 27 years in graphic design, I took a three-year break to explore new ways to make art. Experimenting with various mediums, I was able to define my unique abstract style and brand it ‘C-Theory’. 

When I first learned this new art form, I was picking up the pieces after having lost so much of myself. Recreating art gave me a new sense of purpose. It made me feel calm amidst a dark mindset and helped me get out of my funk. I saw potential in these art pieces as they inspired me to feel good about myself and my talents.

Expressing my emotions visually has been invaluable during difficult times. Through 'C-Theory', I've embraced the concept of 'seeking the path of least resistance'. This motto is at the core of my paintings, reflected in the fluidity of my creative process.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

At a time when A.I is making waves in the world of art, 'C-Theory' stands apart as a testament to pure, organic creativity. 

As the artist behind 'C-Theory’, each piece is born from my own imagination and personal expression. I invite you to join my journey, explore my world where creativity flows and inspiration knows no bounds.

**Copyright Notice: All artwork displayed on this website is protected by copyright law. Any use, reproduction, or modification of these images by artificial intelligence or automated processes without explicit written consent is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.**