What are Dendrites

If you're not familiar with the term 'dendrite, let me explain. In physiology dendrites are branched extensions of neurons that receive and send signals in the brain, helping with communication and processing information.

Outside of the body, 'dendrite' is also used in materials science to describe certain branching crystal formations, like dendritic copper or ice structures. Although these materials aren't alive like neuron dendrites, they share a similar tree-like branching shape.

Additionally, dendritic structures in materials science can offer insights into natural phenomena, like crystal growth and fluid behavior under certain conditions. This brings us to the topic of 'dendritic crystals'.

  • Dendrite Agate crystal

  • Neuron Dendrite

  • Dendrite Copper

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Dendrite crystals

Now, let's talk about the magical muse behind my paintings - Dendritic crystals!

These beautiful crystals contain what appears to be 'plant-like' inclusions. In reality, these are tiny minerals, primarily iron and manganese.

These intricate plant-like formations occur when water seeps through cracks in host rocks like agate, quartz, or copper, guiding the minerals to grow in branching patterns over time. This is the process of dendritic crystal formation and it's the same botanical scenes you see in my artworks.

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